Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Update in my world!

So I am writing this entry for two main purposes!! One is so the blog police won't take me away :) and the other is because there is a lot to update you on! So first and foremost I know that some of the most recent graduating class is wondering about the dogs' birthdays. CAYLIE and CAMDEN was born on March 23, 2008! LIA and SOLOMON was born on April 1, 2008! I know there will be many parties going on in about a month!! LILLY was born on July 24, 2008!

The next biggest news is that Morgantown camp is now active and got it's first two dogs on February 23! The men in the program are very fast learners and are over-joyed to have dogs back in their life! They are like sponges and just soak up every little piece of information I give them! I'm very proud of them as well as the program participants at the Hazelton camp and SFF! I'm very honored to be involved with the paws4people program! I don't think there could be anything more fulfilling than the work I do for the program! So thank you Kyria and Terry!

Also, the best thing in my life right now is my family's new puppy, Macie!! She is the most beautiful Golden Retriever ever (call me biased) and is learning lots of commands very quick! She is definitely a bright ray of sunshine even though we have tons of snow!

Until next time,

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