Sunday, March 7, 2010

Alderson Visit

Hi All,
I wanted to update you about a trip I had to Alderson this past Tuesday and Wednesday. Terry and I met with Jeff Mitchell and his parents, Carol and Doug. (You can visit Jeff's blog here.) Jeff is one of our newest veterans to be in the process of receiving a service dog. The purpose of Jeff's visit was to "bump" three of our dogs off of him. (A bump is when we have each dog interact individually with a person to see if there is a connection between the two for a potential placement.) Jeff is an incredible person. Like Buf, Jeff is so motivated and committed to getting a service dog, he's willing to push himself to do things he hasn't done in a very long time such as: drive, eat out at a restaurant (dinner and breakfast), stay at a hotel, and visit the prison and sit with 25 people he doesn't know. Jeff surprised us even more by telling his story in detail to the inmates so that they could understand his struggles. Terry, Allison and I were so impressed and thankful for the courage he showed throughout the entire trip.

Thank you Jeff for putting yourself on the line, pushing yourself, stretching your boundaries, and being willing to feel vulnerable. We are all better for knowing you and being with you for those couple days. We are honored to have the opportunity to find a great service dog partner for you and look forward to doing everything we can to help you move on and enjoy life.

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