Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A shout out to my amazing hubby

Today's blog is not about any dogs (I know it's a big shock!). It is about my amazing husband who is incredibly supportive of everything I do. Whether it's paws4people, Clever Canine, our own dogs, agility, herding, you name it...
For example:

I say "Can I go to California for six weeks while you deal with the kid, work, our two dogs, and managing the house?" He says "Go for it!"

I say "I'm going to bring ________(fill in the dog name) for __________ (an undisclosed number) weeks? He says "sure, no problem!"

I say "I'm going to manage a prison program in West Virginia and I'm going to need to be gone a few times a month to do so" He says, "That's fantastic-I'm so excited for you!"

and two of the most recent ones:

I say "I know you really like DRAKE and want to keep him for me to train. If I do that you have to build me a fence." He says "As soon as that big tax refund coming in!"

I say "In March I'm going to be gone for a couple weeks helping to open our new program at Ft. Stewart-can you cover everything here?" He says "sure! That's exciting news!"

So....the other day when he asked if we could cross link our blogs, I said "of course!" He has already written a post (on February 10th) about my work with paws4people on his blog titled "My Amazing Wife"-gotta love that!! Please check out his blog here. (And if you want to skip right to the "My Amazing Wife" entry click here) Jason's blog is about his journey to find the work he's passionate about and to discover how to do that work every day and get paid for it. In fact, we've both been on that journey for the last eight years. For me, it's been with dogs. For Jason it's been with coaching, writing and speaking. We both believe that finding and working within one's passion is worth the risk. Yes, it's scary and it takes tremendous courage, but the rewards far outweigh the risk. It is this conviction that lead me to paws4people where the work is the most rewarding, fulfilling, meaningful thing I've ever done. And it fits me-I know this is right where I'm supposed to be at this point in my life. I would have none of this if I had been to scared to take the leap. It's also this conviction that has lead Jason to push himself to pursue his calling.....

So, this is my shout out to my amazing husband who fully supports me in all of my dog related activities....and for whom I fully support in his passion for public speaking, coaching and writing.

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