Thursday, February 18, 2010

Buf and SALLY part 2

Hi Everyone,
I just finished up another fantastic transfer training with Buf and SALLY. Everyone who is working with this incredible team is amazed at how quickly the process is moving along. Let me tell you some of the things that Buf and SALLY did the last few days:
  • Went to Wal-Mart (!) not once, but TWICE-once with Terry and once with me. SALLY did her "pay attention" command successfully-not only alerting on me approaching, but on two other couples passing Buf in the bread isle. Other than that, SALLY was glued to Buf the entire time. There were two or three times she briefly got distracted, but he easily brought her attention back quickly each time.
  • Went out to eat every time we asked him. Two of those times were at Applebee's. Both times we were seated at a booth next to the front entrance. Buf chose the seat with his back to the entry way. SALLY lay at his feet through the entire meal with her head on his foot.
  • Worked with Ms. Kirtley and Ms. Kharman again on commands. Today, he also worked with four other ladies new to the p4p dog program. He practiced the "pay attention" command with SALLY in several different set ups. Sound easy? Not so much. To do this correctly, Buf had to stand facing the wall (his back to the room and people) as if he were at a store looking at food on shelves. We had the ladies passing behind him one at a time or in groups of two or three. SALLY alerted him to their approach EVERY time. Having his back to the room had to have been incredibly hard for Buf (although no harder than Walmart!) but he did it readily when we asked.
  • Practiced retrieving commands, turning lights on and off, and tugging his jacket off.
  • Buf even got to have SALLY over night for two nights (we didn't let him keep her over night last time). She slept next to him curled up on the bed :)
Like last time, Buf had a glow. He was smiling, talkative, happy with SALLY by his side. Need I say more??

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