Saturday, January 23, 2010

CAYLIE shines

Hi Everyone,
On Wednesday, Jack Swiger was admitted into Duke University Hospital for a continuous EEG screening to learn more about his seizures. Lisa and Elliot had asked before hand if it was ok if CAYLIE came to be with Jack. Of course, I thought that was a great idea (as part of CAYLIE's job is giving comfort to Jack and helping him to stay calm). So, I went up on Thursday and Friday to Durham to make sure CAYLIE would do well in a hospital setting (she had been once but it was awhile ago). CAYLIE was absolutely wonderful. She acts as if she's been working at a hospital forever. Her favorite thing to do is lay on the bed with her boy-they snooze and watch t.v. together. She has accepted all the comings and goings of doctors and visitors very gracefully. She's very calm and collected. She's also developed a fan base of hospital staff in record time! Way to go CAYLIE! We're quite proud of our girl :)

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